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We are pleased to introduce new Wholesale ready stock jewelry website from Shaurya International at - click here to open

Your favourite Sterling Silver and Gemstone jewelry now in ready stock. We have started adding products to it and will add more every day. All products on this website are ready to ship in 3 to 7 working days. Products on this site are presented in wholesale lot, easy to order. These items are ready in stock so no customization is possible.

How to Order :

  1. For accessing ready jewelry website and all product items, please create new account on the
  2. When you login , you will need 2 passwords - Your own Password and Wholesale Password (provided by us).
  3. Every time you log into the site you have to first put your email ID, then your password and then Wholesale password.
  4. Write to us for your 'Wholesale password' to access website completely and enjoy pretty designs - Shaurya handcraft quality and prompt delivery.

This step ensures the site and its prices are visible to only wholesale customers.

Advantage Birthstonez.

  1. All ready to ship items on site.
  2. Wholesale only website. Restricted access.
  3. Flat shipping $65 only (EMS) $120 (UPS, FedEx)
  4. Best discounted price right on.
  5. No hidden charges, No additional PayPal surcharge, no add ons.
  6. Best quality and gemstones.

If you have any query do not hesitate to send email at Have a prosperous season ahead.