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Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Solid 925 Sterling Silver and natural Gemstone Jewelry from Jaipur India.

Welcome to Shaurya International, your favorite wholesale Silver Jewelry Manufacturer. Silver prices going down and so does our prices.. We update our price regularly to latest International silver rate.

Custom Order from over 52000 styles and 250 Gemstones on this website. Great quality and unbeatable prices. Attractive Additional Volume Discounts: 5 percent off above $500, 7.5 percent off above $1500 and 10 percent above $3000. Minimum 3 pieces per style for items where price is below $25. No minimum above $25. All item on this site are made 2 order, you get benefit to order the designs you want in your prefered stones and customised sizes.

Shaurya international is a leading manufacturer and Exporter of Wholesale Sterling silver and gemstone Jewelry from India.

The company is one of most popular Handmade indian silver as well as casting fine jewelry in high quality gemstones.. New styles silver jewelry from Jaipur, India. We are popular worldwide for handcrafted Silver Jewelry, semiprecious stone studded Silver jewellery in wholesale quantities. This is a wholesale only website.

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Manufacturer Since 1994, Wholesale Semi Precious Gemstone Jewelry in Solid 925 Sterling Silver jewelry from India. Cheap Wholesale Price Indian Handmade Jewelry exporter from Jaipur

"Shaurya International" based in Jaipur India making sterling silver gemstone jewelry India is one of most popular Handmade Indian silver jewelry supply store. Best quality and value prices Gemstone Jewelry from India. Each Jewelery image has a one inch by one inch square grid (approx 2.54mm x 2.54mm) in background to give exact size idea, in our online catalogue showing true quality of handmade Silver jewelry India . Offering Online wholesale silver pendants India, silver rings India, gemstone earrings, Silver bracelet Jaipur. Small to medium to chunky designs of Indian sterling silver gemstone jewelry. Modern wholesale Silver jewelry handcrafted Indian silver Jewelry. Sterling 925 chains, gemstones and pearls.

Natural Gemstones and Indian Silver Jewelry – Beauty and Value

Shaurya International is a renowned Export house with its command on handmade sterling silver jewelry with various natural precious and semiprecious gemstones. The manufacturing house carries its reputation and good name for last 17 years as a major wholesale silver jewelry supplier in online business. Fair trade practice, preserving and growing the excellent craftsmanship in artisans and purity of silver are the fundamentals of Shaurya International, Jaipur.

Indian Wholesale Silver Jewelry- Handmade Gemstone Jewelry Jaipur India. Shaurya Offers Best Wholesale Indian Silver Jewelry- handmade in Solid Sterling 925 Silver and Natural Gemstones from Jaipur India. Manufacturer and Exporters of Silver Jewelry India, Gemstone Jewelry Supplier Jaipur.
Jaipur is world famous for its Handmade jewelry and gemstones having best Jewelry manufacturing Companies which supply all over world like USA, Europe, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, South Africa etc.. Rajasthan’ s rich heritage is proud to have amazing artisans, handicraft and marble art workers, ethnic and Traditional jewelry makers, gemstone mines and gemstone cutters and polishers, passionate jewelry designers and rich history of precious jewels in royal families.

As we are talking about International and Indian sterling silver jewelry and gemstones, it is necessary to know why silver jewelry and world of gemstones carry such great value. Shaurya offers Natural Gemstone studded Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver jewelry from India. Handmade Gems & Jewels manufacturer, exporter & Online Supplier from Jaipur Manufacturer Indian gemstone jewelry Jaipur.

Modern Silver Jewelry whoelsale

Indian Silver Jewelry companies have a very good reputation worldwide. Shaurya International being one of the top manufacturing company in Jaipur India. Shaurya provides best online Indian wholesale Silver Jewelry with Gemstones. It gives many variants for each design and assures best quality and affordability. Do shop for your stores and wholesale business and feel free to contact us by email or phone. Here are few important links to our wholesale online Jewelry Catalog: bestseller wholesale jewelry - the world of Gemstone Jewellery, Wholesale Silver Jewelry under $10 - Wholesale silver Jewelry, Whats hot- - Wholesale silver recently sold, Silver Rings - Wholesale Silver Rings, Shaurya Rough Gemstone Jewelry wholesale - Premium Silver Jewelry Wholesale, New Products- Indian Silver Jewelry - to see latest addition to wholesale Silver Jewelry, Jewelry Wholesale Lots Silver Gemstone Jewelry - for custom made order in Jewelry.

Why Sterling silver ?
History reflects that from 16th century and 17th century different Kings and emperors of Bali, Peru, Mexico, India, Egypt loved the lure and luster of silver.  From that era to modern times the affordable pricing of silver has made it preferred favorable metal of top jewelry designers and fashion oriented stylish customers.
Versatile and Affordable Sterling Silver Jewelry

"Sterling silver 925" is benchmark for beautiful high-end silver jewelry. It's 92.5% pure silver, mixed with metal alloy of Copper and Zinc to add the desired strength and durability to make long lasting jewelry.
Sterling silver is the most shining metal of all the precious metals. Most people prefer to wear sterling silver jewelry  because they love the bright, glorious look of jewelry made in sterling silver. The oxidized and antique glow on silver makes it totally different and lovable.
Sterling silver jewelry’s versatile nature, reachable prices create infinite options for fashionable jewelry. While sterling silver jewelry can tarnish or darken, it is easy to give back its natural finish with proper care and cleaning. Anti – tarnish plating has also become popular with sterling silver jewelry and it is offered at most jewelry stores these days. Since Wholesale silver Jewelry is priced much lower than gold and platinum, new designers, wholesale silver jewelry manufacturers and Exporters find it easy and prefer to invest in casting new pieces of jewelry to sell in today's competitive market.
Sterling Silver Metal Details
Sterling silver is a flexible metal and can have a rhodium polish, matte, brushed, rose, oxidized antiqued finish. Silver is originally  soft metal has to be mixed with other metals in right proportion to  create an alloy. Mostly it is mixed with copper. For jewelry to be labeled sterling silver, it must contain at least 92.5% pure silver.  Generally sterling silver jewelry is hall marked with a 925, .925, 92.5 or “Ster.” The best part is that the sterling silver jewelry India can be absolutely nickel free and that makes it most skin friendly jewelry.

World of Gemstones
Gemstones have always been the preferred in jewelry by ancient royal families of Jaipur and  India. The shine, colors, florescence, and lustrous look of gemstones make them “ must own” for all the royal family women. Mughals in India are known for their love for precious wholesale gemstones jewelry in 925 Sterling Silver from India. Their royal heritage proudly displays the precious high value gemstones. Western countries are also not behind in their favor for the glorious gemstones and diamonds.  Mother Earth presents us many glorious stones that give not only unbeatable colour and look but also empowered with healing properties.  Some most popular being All Gemstones Jewelry chart, wholesale Rainbow moonstone Jewelry India, Wholesale Turquoise Jewellery, Larimar Jewelry and many more.

Healing Properties of Gemstones
Crystal and gemstone jewelry is famous for not only the extraordinary decorative look they give.  It brings many other benefits to the owners.  Natural gemstone jewelry has immense spiritual and physical healing properties.  When you wear gemstones jewelry in form of pendants, earrings, necklace, rings, bracelets, their energy spreads in all directions, enhances your body and aura, or boosting all chakras of our body. It also gives positive and radiant vibes to  the family and people surrounding  the person.
Gemstones have intense concentration of energy. The beautiful stones get their unique properties and glow after being hidden in mother Earth for years or centuries.
Sterling silver enhance the healing properties of gemstones and give more peace, relaxation and feeling of satisfaction the wearer. So, along with its unbeatable gorgeous look and shine, the sterling silver gemstones jewelry is loaded with many physical and spiritual benefits.  

So go ahead and shop with confidence..

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Satisfied wholesale customers worldwide. Shipping designer silver jewelry to over 48 countries, with over 2200 customers. Our supply includes to Big Jewelry wholesalers, Silver Jewelry Retail Stores, Online Resellers Jewelry worldwide, exhibition traders, Wholesale silver jewelry USA, Jewelry supply UK Australia, sterling silver jewellery wholesalers in France, Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany, Holland, Australia, Thailand etc. Best satisfaction with silver jewelry from India by best artisans.

Product range includes wholesale silver pendants, Indian silver Earrings, handmade and casting silver Rings, Handmade Gemstone Filigree Bracelets, wholesale Rough Gemstone Jewelry, Bulk silver Jewelry in wholesale lots , wholesale silver Necklace, Gemstone specific Jewelry/ Stone Chart, Wholesale Citrine Jewelry, the best collection of Indian wholesale Silver Jewelry from India under one roof.